The True Significance of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are typically round-shaped small objects made from a type of metal, including bronze, silver, gold, platinum, or even a combination of metals. Sometimes, the shape of challenge coins is not round; they could be triangular or any other shape that represents a meaning.

custom challenge coinsIn general, the front has a logo and the front and back could have a raised emblem. For members of the military, their challenge coins typically have the name and slogan of their unit. Often, it is also indicated on the challenge coin if it is given to honour a soldier for completing a difficult task or mission.

Challenge coins are usually between 1.25 and 2 inches. Some of them are plain; some are elaborate with colors. Their edges could be serrated or plain like ordinary coins or they could be scalloped.

History of Challenge Coins

Regardless of the type of custom challenge coins, one of their main purposes is to symbolize the pride and dedication of the owner of the coin. For a brief history, it is said that challenge coins originated from World War I. It is believed that it was the idea of a wealthy pilot from the United States Army Air Service. He had bronze coins and commissioned someone to plate them with gold and afterwards, stamp them with the logo of the squadron. He gave these coins to the other pilots in his unit.

This was the start of what swept the country today and can be seen in all walks of life. These coins are used by different units of the military to show their commitment and pride. Its use has also expanded to the police force, government agencies, firemen’s associations, and organizations that contract for the armed forces.

Some people may not understand the pride that custom challenge coins hold. However, those who serve together really understand that a challenge coin has a unique meaning, which is the camaraderie that comes with it.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

Law enforcement also uses challenge coins now. They can be for the city police, sheriff’s department, or SWAT and other special tactical units. These coins are designed with a distinct insignia that holds a meaning for the particular law enforcement unit for whom they are being made. The coins are often made for law enforcement veterans who will be retiring. Another reason for giving challenge coins is for promotions.


Custom challenge coins are also a great way to raise money for the families of fallen comrades. Some people manufacture specially minted coins struck with a certain logo, which are sold for the benefit of a soldier or police officer who have fallen while performing their duties. These officers often have children and the proceeds of the fundraiser are for their certain needs that might not be enough for the insurance to cover. When a police officer or member of the military has fallen in the line of duty, the entire unit feels grief.

Because of the selfless acts done by these courageous officers, challenge coins could mean that some people understand the nature of their job, the extremes they sometimes have to go, and the danger that could be creeping around every corner.

Custom challenge coins are valuable coins that hold meaning for the owner. These coins are considered as more than a symbol of being a member of an organization. They represent the challenges that the members of the team have gone through; they’re a reminder that members support one another. Challenge coins are precious to the military and police force not just because of their potential monetary value to collectors, but also because of their meaning – bravery and brotherhood.

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