Potential Money-Making Avenues for Online Article Writing

For a lot of people, online article writing is considered an appealing career. When it comes to convenience, it is ideal for those who want set up long hours of work at the comfort of their own homes. However, breaking in to this type of job is not that easy. A person must have to work hard in order to build up his expertise and look for stable online article writing jobs. Nevertheless, being paid for writing articles is a rewarding experience whether it’s full time or part time.

Here are some of the avenues where a person can make money through writing articles online:
1.Writing for how-to sites.

A lot of websites feature how-to articles. Typically, these websites look for experts in various fields who can publish new articles and edit or modify existing ones. If a writer has a good experience in a specific field, then he must take this opportunity to apply and make money about something he already knows.

Sometimes, there’s no need for any particular expertise in writing on these how-to sites. Developed research skills are just the things required in order to become a quick authority on specific topics. Having them, an inexperienced writer can already produce a handful of articles about various topics.

2.Submitting articles for travel sites.

Numerous websites exclusively publish articles about exploring or traveling domestic, international and even exotic locations. If a writer loves to travel and has lot of experiences and stories to share about a particular place, then being paid for producing articles for travel sites is a great deal.

3.Submitting reviews.

The submission of reviews could be for books, movies, technology, music and etc. Apart from being a writer of review sites, one can also become a reviewer of these sites. This is another good way of making money online.

4.Establishing active presence in social media.

Just like blogs, social media networks are used to promote one’s work. Having an account in all major social media networking sites will make it easy for potential clients to find work samples. Just make sure that these social media sites contain the link of previously written articles.

5.Starting out a blog.

This is the best way in order to gain article writing exposure. Blogs are one of the great avenues for demonstrating writing skills and producing quality contents that companies and websites want.

Another good way of making money through blogs is by getting lots of follower. For this reason, companies will become interested in placing ads though these blogs. This will also add some motivation to ensure that blogs are well-maintained and have high-quality contents as possible.

6.Ghostwriting for bloggers.

Some corporate and independent bloggers can’t keep up with ongoing demands of regularly posting articles. Because of this, they will opt to hire for a ghost writer. In case to case basis, these jobs seldom come or regularly become available especially if the bloggers like one’s work.

To get in, keeping an eye on job posts about this type of work or directly applying for ghost writing firms is recommended. However, a writer should be aware that being a ghostwriter won’t get him any credit for his written works. He won’t also be able to build his own portfolio.

7.Joining freelance writing job advertisements in websites.

Most of the available freelance job advertisements are found on the internet. Countless sites provide free access to those eager to view job postings. Check for potential freelance article writing job announcements.

Some sites charge subscription fees before viewing the job postings. While it might be considered a turn off for those who can’t afford to pay the fees, high investment returns are possible if lucrative work is done.

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