Beginner’s Guide to Buying Taylormade Golf Bags

You perform a drive, slide through from the hazard, and make your way into the pin with your golf clubs. These essentially make such golf equipment the most important pieces you should always carry in your arsenal as you enter the battlefield you call the golf course. On the contrary, you can’t just bring them with you as they are. You need a bag, and if your eyes have since been feasting on TaylorMade golf bags, then you should first know what your options are.

TaylorMade-Adidas has been one of the biggest companies that became part of the pro golf scene for several decades now. Not only are the golf clubs the company has manufactured were top-rated by many pro golfers, but also their golf bags. TaylorMade golf bags are available in different types, with each one created with distinct features to suit every golfer’s specific needs.

Taylormade golfTour bags or staff bags are those mainly intended for caddy or cart transport.These bags are distinctive of their size, which is the largest among the other types of TaylorMade bags. You can ensure that there’s enough room for all of your golf equipment when carrying this kind of bag. These bags are what you’d normally see carried by most professional golfers. Staff bags, however, are disadvantageous because they’re the heaviest and you cannot let them stand by themselves. You can also expect them to be very pricey.

Cart bags are those that are specifically meant for cart transport. In comparison to the tour bags, cart bags are lightweight. They are also featured with easy-to-access pockets so there’s no hassle getting something out of the bag when you’re on the cart. These are built with non-slip rubber bases. One of the downsides to this bag is that they’re not ideal if you’re not moving around with a cart, and they also don’t stand upright.

If you’re intending to go foot transport, you might want to take a look at the carry bags. These are ideal choices for golfers who consider themselves minimalists.You also won’t have to spend a fortune with this type of golf bag. While these are the lightest among the other TaylorMade golf bags, the material they’re made of are not as durable as the others. Also, this might not be for you if you have a lot of things other than your golf clubs that you intend to place inside your bag.

Stand bags are similar to carry bags, only that these have a pair of retractable legs that can make the bags stand by themselves. You can use the retractable legs to act as the bag’s stand.But if you wish, you may remove them and carry the bag as it is with the shoulder straps. And the bag is quite lightweight if you compare it with the other types of TaylorMade golf bags.Because of the stand, this can be used for cart or foot transport.

The low capacity may somewhat deter some golfers from going for this kind of bag, though this might not be too much of a problem for the minimalist.Another thing is that some may not like their golf equipment being a bit less organized using this type of bag.

Before you purchase any TaylorMade golf bag, you need to understand each of their advantages and disadvantages. Knowing which bag to buy should depend on how frequent you are going to play and the amount of equipment you’re going to bring to the golf course. Pro golfers are most likely to play a lot more often and carry significantly more equipment than most, if not all beginners. As such, they’d be more comfortable with the TaylorMade staff bags, while beginners might want to start with smaller variants.